best design contest

The best design contest, is the site for designer logos, websites, business cards, and more. there you can join for free. and you can get money if you win design. a lot of designers who join there, so you have to work hard to be a winner. a lot of the design contest, and you can choose which you like contests.




why 99designs is called the best design contest, because there are lots of options contests, and prize money of $ 299 $ 3000 or more. If you like to make your website design can join there and you can choose the contests with prizes $ 2,000 or more.

but you can also enter a contest to design the logo. logo design prizes ranging from $ 299 and more. and my tips are, take a contest that suits your skills, so you do not feel heavy in participating there. the best design contest is 99design for me. because I has been join since 2010.